Reel Repair Service

Reel Improvements is a very trusted, proficient reel repair shop which stands behind its craftsmanship. We return a quality product in a timely manner. Our shop operates on a first come first serve basis and our goal is for the customer to leave happy and informed.

We completely disassemble the reel and clean it in an ultra sonic cleaner. After washing and thoroughly cleaning the reel, we use grease and lubrication in all the appropriate areas before starting the reassembling process. A quality control check is completed before the reel is turned over to the owner. Our basic reel cleaning price is $25.00 + Parts and Tax. The larger reels will be evaluated before an estimate is given for basic cleaning. The customer will be contacted before we replace any major parts to ensure that no unwanted additional costs occur.

For any additional questions please call Luke at 210-413-2428